Aklavik SAO plays down ‘conserve water’ notice

The community of Aklavik - mattcatpurple-flickr
The community of Aklavik, pictured in winter. Photo: mattcatpurple/Flickr

Aklavik put out a public notice on Tuesday afternoon advising residents to conserve water as pump has broken down at the water plant.

“We just had a submersible pump that broke,” said Fred Behrens, the hamlet’s senior administrative officer.

“We’re making water now but we just want to make sure that residents don’t run out of water,” he said, explaining the town has multiple pumps so they are able to continue to pump and treat water to be distributed.

Behrens expects the broken pump will be fixed by tonight, adding incidents like this are “all part of normal operations – nothing exciting.”



“They can cook with water, they can drink the water, but don’t go and do 10 loads of laundry if they’ve only got a half a tank of water,” he suggested.