Evacuee lockbox found, faith in humanity restored

Last modified: May 19, 2022 at 12:00pm

Staff at Yellowknife’s evacuation centre say they have now found a lockbox full of donated gift cards that was earlier reported stolen.

On Thursday morning, a lockbox thought to contain some $2,000 in cash and gift cards provided for evacuees was reported to have been taken.

A search of the evacuation centre had failed to uncover the box and fresh donations were requested of gift cards, particularly those that can cover gas or groceries.


However, shortly before noon, a staff member phoned to say the situation was “a false alarm” and the original lockbox had since been recovered.

The centre has hosted hundreds of evacuees from Hay River and the surrounding area in the week since devastating flooding triggered a series of evacuation orders.

Gift cards have proved vital in helping evacuees cover the cost of feeding families and getting home.