Fort Smith band’s debut album released this month

Fort Smith band Amy and the Easy Hundo’s debut album, Coyote, will be released on June 6, with a release party on Saturday, June 4 at Dirty O’Fergies.

The band includes bass player Gaelen O’Hagan, drummer Joey Roy, lead guitarist Mike Sinclair, and rhythm guitarist Andrew Shedden – who form the Bell Rock cover band – plus lead singer Amy Lusk.

Lusk, who has been writing music since high school, started playing with the band three years ago.


“I’ve been in various choirs and a few different groups that would casually perform, and I was writing all along the way but mostly keeping it to myself or around fire pits with friends,” she said.

“I did always have the feeling that I wanted to do a little bit more than that. I was fortunate enough to have a bunch of things line up that really made it possible for me to get down to business and actually write.

“One of those things was being surrounded by a super supportive music community, and musical friends and people that are so passionate about music. It was really encouraging.”

Lusk says listeners can expect “a little bit of a rollercoaster” from the album.

“No two songs are exactly the same. They’ve all got a little bit of a different flavour, but they are also cohesive,” she said.


Bookends, a single released by the band earlier this month, was “recorded live off the floor,” said Amy.

Bookends, by Amy and the Easy Hundo.

“It was just a couple takes with all of us together in the room. It really lent itself to the big atmosphere in the song … it feels really spacious.

“Then, we have a song on the album called Dirty Discord where we just went a little nuts with some crazy effects and some crazy instrumentation. They’re all a little bit different, but it all flows together.”

Lusk says “a bunch of emotional turmoil as well as having a lot of free time” helped her start writing the album. “It was just a perfect recipe for me to sit down and write.”


With the support of her band and funding from NWT Arts, Lusk was able to put together what she called her “bring me back to before the year 2000” album.

The release party begins on Saturday at 9pm. The show will include “dancing tunes,” cover songs, and a run-through of all 12 songs on the album.