Water levels dropping in Nahanni Butte

Last modified: June 16, 2022 at 11:58am

After a nail-biting week for members of the Nahɂą Dehé Dene Band, water levels have stopped rising and are beginning to recede.

On Monday, Chief Steve Vital and volunteers began installing a temporary berm in a low-elevation area in Nahanni Butte as a precautionary measure, as reported by CBC.

But since then, the situation appears to have turned around.


“The water level has decreased one inch between Monday and Tuesday and a further seven inches between Tuesday and Wednesday,” Soham Srimani, band manager, wrote in an email to Cabin Radio. “At this time, we don’t see any reason for evacuation, but keeping a close watch on the water levels.”

Srimani said the community will continue to monitor the situation closely until Monday, and then put out an official update. While it’s too soon to be certain, many community members are hoping this could be the end of the spring flood-watch season.

After this article was first published, the band office reported that as of 10 am Thursday, water has dropped another 8 inches.