Cabin Sports Radio launches, Monday nights at 6pm

Last modified: October 4, 2018 at 5:01pm

Cabin Sports Radio, the weekly one-hour sports talk show hosted by Lekter and Mike, launches on Monday, October 1.

Each Monday at 6pm, Lekter and Mike discuss the biggest stories and scenarios coming from the worlds of professional, amateur, and local sports.

In partnership with Sport North, Cabin Sports Radio also provides a platform to promote and celebrate our NWT sports scene – from the NWT Sport Hall of Fame to the Arctic Winter Games, it all has a home on Cabin Sports Radio.


As the world of sport subjects us to a spectrum of emotions, so too will Cabin Sports Radio, providing entertaining discussion and food-for-thought topical material from the perspective of two dudes who love sports – and an ongoing rotation of special guests.

It’s just like a real sports show… but, uh… fun.