Inuvik’s welcome centre, open for a matter of days, is broken into

A smashed window at the Inuvik Welcome Centre
A smashed window at the Inuvik Welcome Centre. Photo: Jackie Challis

The Inuvik Welcome Centre, which only opened 10 days ago, has faced an onslaught of vandalism culminating in the building being burgled late on Tuesday.

Jackie Challis, Inuvik’s director of economic development and tourism, said RCMP were called on Wednesday morning after she found the “front door and window had been smashed” by a table.

“They managed to get inside the building. We have found that cash is missing and also some other equipment,” said Challis.

The Town of Inuvik is now working on security measures to combat any similar occurrence in future.



Damage outside the Inuvik welcome centre
Damage to a door at Inuvik's welcome centre
Damage to a door at Inuvik’s welcome centre. Photo: Jackie Challis

“It’s our community. We all need to watch and know where our people are, where our neighbours are, where our youth are, and install a sense of pride,” Challis told Cabin Radio.

“That can’t be done by RCMP. That can’t be done by security cameras. That all starts with us at home.”

The centre opened on June 18. Even in the first 10 days, the CBC earlier reported, staff had been confronted by piles of garbage, broken chairs and tables, and human feces.

Inuvik's welcome centre and boardwalk
Inuvik’s welcome centre and boardwalk. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

“It’s been a hard week, but today was definitely the most significant damage that we’ve had,” said Challis.



“It’s not right. And it’s disheartening when we’re scooping up glass, and visitors are walking in, and we’re trying to promote our community.”

In a press release, RCMP acknowledged the break-in and theft of “a cash box and electronics” from the welcome centre.

“Regrettably, the welcome centre has been the target of multiple instances of vandalism since opening last week,” police confirmed.

RCMP asked anyone with information about the burglary or vandalism to call the Inuvik detachment at (867) 777-1111 or leave a tip anonymously.