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NWT diagnostic imaging may be delayed in July

An X-ray area at Stanton Territorial Hospital
An X-ray area at Stanton Territorial Hospital. James O'Connor/Cabin Radio

NWT residents may face “slight delays” receiving diagnostic imaging results in July, the territory’s health authority says.

The health authority uses contractors to provide radiologist services, interpreting images like X-rays and CT scans. The authority said it is changing providers on June 30, which may mean delays during the transitional period.

“It is expected that routine exams may experience slight delays beyond normal timelines,” the authority stated in a Wednesday press release.

“However, this is unlikely to be noticed by patients receiving regular or routine results from their providers.



“Exams flagged as urgent, or those with critical findings that need to be communicated to healthcare providers or patients immediately, will continue to be received quickly as they always are.”