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All About Anal


Welcome back to the SubArctic Sex Show! This week’s show is All About Anal – and I do mean ALL about anal. Anal sex is something that can be a really fun addition to a sex life, but there are a lot of ways to do it wrong – and doing it wrong is a great way to ...

Happy Vaginas and Loud Neighbours


Welcome to the SubArctic Sex Show for Sunday June 10, 2018! (*Image above is from Big Mouth, a great/terribly uncomfortable show about puberty that you can and should binge-watch on Netflix. This particular vagina is voiced by the incomparable Kristen Wiig.*) ...

Condoms, Tinder, and Testicles


Hey folks! Thanks for checking out the very first Subarctic Sex Show! On yesterday’s show, I introduced the Great Yellowknife Rubber Race! This is a city-wide condom challenge where you – yes, YOU – get free condoms, and then you tell me about the sex you have...