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Ring of Fire Fundraiser – Hot Sauce Challenger a.k.a Fundraiser

Scorch your sphincter by becoming a Challenger (aka: Fundraiser!) This is the option for those of you who want to battle the 10 hot sauces while gathering donations from friends and family. Basically, to char your holes for charity!

You will receive:

  • 10 chicken wings or vegan cauliflower bites 10 hot sauce samples to challenge
  • One pitcher of beer for you/your table
  • Access to a customizable fundraising website, to help you collect your donations!

Important Notes: This $45 purchase is a registration fee, not a donation. This fee helps cover the hard costs of the event and allows it to be possible to run. It is not eligible for a tax receipt.As a challenger, we ask that you commit to fundraising a minimum of $150 in donations. But we know you can do even more!As a participant in the the Hollis-Haynes Ring of Fire Fundraiser, you will be eating chicken wings/cauliflower bites that are treated with seasonings & spices with an extreme degree of heat that include, but are not limited to:

  • Hot peppers & hot pepper extracts
  • Mustard seeds & mustard seed extracts
  • Proprietary powders and sauces
  • Hot sauces in excess of 2 million-plus Scoville units, comparable to some pepper spray

As such, the Hollis-Haynes Ring of Fire Fundraising event is considered a potentially hazardous activity. (Although the above sounds scary, please note we’ve never had any serious medical issues before, and all these sauces are marketed for human consumption and have been consumed multiple times by the organizers of the event.).