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Welcome to the Cabin! Like all the best Cabins, there are cookies waiting when you get here. By staying at the Cabin, you consent to the presence of cookies. We can probably all agree that there's nothing wrong with cookies at the Cabin.
Cabin Radio tie

Cabin Radio ties arrive, just in time for Christmas

Cabin Radio's sartorial department has done it again. Just as the tie wearers of Yellowknife began to dread a predictable 2018 ahead, the Cabin has released a dashing new neck...
Kevin MacDonald
Kevin MacDonald

K-Mac brightens up your weekend at the Cabin

Cabin Radio is thrilled to welcome Kevin MacDonald back to the airwaves in the North. At Moose FM, Kevin’s peppy, uplifting presence helped listeners across Yellowknife and Hay River through…

Bob McLeod on Cabin Radio
Lunchtime News

Cabin Radio is almost built, and I can’t wait

Ollie here. Welcome to my show page. I’m excited to spend some time getting back to broadcasting each day. When I came to Yellowknife in 2014, going live on the…

Shannon Moore
Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore takes control of Cabin afternoons

We’re pleased to introduce to the airwaves Shannon Moore, the newbie at Cabin Radio. But we’re not worried. She loves music and can talk a blue streak – what more…

Cabin Radio microphone with guitar
Mornings at the Cabin

Welcome to Mornings at the Cabin!

Cabin Radio’s new morning show features some familiar voices. Jesse Wheeler and Ollie Williams are reunited from 7am till 9am each weekday, alongside a range of Yellowknife and northern voices….