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Imagine yourself in a dark room at 3am, surrounded by strangers, getting lost to sounds you’ve never heard before… and you’re not sure you’re going to make it out alive.

Welcome to the world of Kosmos 954 – Saturdays 9pm-11pm on Cabin Radio.

Kosmos 954 is an exploration of contemporary electronic music and a celebration of all things weird.

Latest updates from the show:

Host Antoine De Grace brings Cabin listeners dance music rooted in the UK hardcore continuum: expect broken and mutated beats that range from dub to techno and anything in between.

Antoine De Grace spent the past decade deep in the Montreal alternative music scene as a radio host, DJ, and festival programmer, working with world-renowned DJs and music industry professionals.

He developed a broad understanding of the electronic music landscape and a passion for finding off-the-beaten-track… tracks.

Each episode will be a little different, but they will all be rooted in dark, bass-heavy, percussive rhythms. Tune in weekly to keep your finger on the pulse of the dance music underground.

Questions, comments, requests? Reach out on Facebook or by email. Antoine would love to hear from you!