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Laddy Luck has revealed the big day is almost here. Are you ready to win big in a unique contest? Then stay tuned to the Cabin Radio Facebook page!

NWT and NU Lotteries is celebrating 40 years, and we’re partnering up to deliver a spectacular lucky day for someone. We just can’t tell you when or where… yet. 

But Laddy Luck did tell us there’s going to be a $5,000 grand prize for someone when the big day comes. And then we found this map. Laddy Luck has revealed the money MAY be won outdoors… but is there an even bigger clue?

Finally, Laddy Luck also revealed that more clues are going to be on the Cabin Radio Facebook page that allows you to track a prize in the sky. He says when you see it, you’ll know.

Those are all the clues. Now, it’s up to you! Get ready. The contest is about to start!

Did you know: more than $3.5 million was won in the NWT and Nunavut in 2018. Visit your Lotto Spot today!

SIGHTING: Ollie and Laddy Luck are on the trail of this big contest, and there’s a new clue…

SIGHTING: Ollie found Laddy Luck, at last. And he had a BIG clue about what’s going to happen in this contest…

SIGHTING: Laddy Luck has been spotted on the streets of downtown Yellowknife. It was just a glimpse but it’s enough. He’s here, which means the contest can’t be too far away…

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Catch up with our opening video here:

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