Inuvialuit siblings reach finale of Amazing Race Canada

The Amazing Race Canada’s eighth season is approaching the finish line. Two Inuvialuit siblings born in Yellowknife start Tuesday’s finale in third place.

Jesse and Marika Cockney are one of four teams in the last episode of the season, which began with 10 teams. “It’s been an amazing experience in so many ways,” said Jesse.

“We grew up watching The Amazing Race Canada as kids and never really pictured ourselves doing it.


“We did always think, though, ‘Oh, we could probably do that.’ So it was great to get a chance to try the challenges.”

The Cockneys, born in Yellowknife and with roots in Tuktoyaktuk, applied in 2019. They were accepted for a 2020 season that was subsequently postponed for two years by Covid-19.

Now, with the last episode approaching, the team says the race exceeded expectations – both in terms of what the pair learned and the race’s difficulty.

Challenges included climbing to the top of a Ferris wheel in Montreal, whitewater canoeing down the Kananaskis River in Alberta, and tandem paragliding above the Okanagan.

In the 10 episodes to date, the Cockneys have recorded three first-place finishes.


Keeping the outcome of the final episode a secret, the siblings said simply to expect many “twists and turns.”

“You just never know, just like we never knew what was coming up next,” said Marika.

“As soon as you think you’ve got it figured out,” said Jesse, “there’s a curveball that smacks you right in the face.”

The final episode airs on Tuesday, September 20 at 10pm on CTV.