MLAs seek feedback from artists on NWT Arts Strategy

Two committees of Northwest Territories MLAs are asking for residents to send their feedback about the NWT Arts Strategy, a year and a half after its release.

The standing committees – one on social development, one on economic development and environment – will also hold a public hearing about the strategy on March 6.

Released in August 2021, the strategy spans 10 years and includes priorities like supporting opportunities for artists to engage with children, improving access to funding, and increasing spaces to create, exhibit, and sell art.


Some artists have criticized the strategy for what they say is vague language and a lack of specifics.

The committees are asking artists and art organizations to assess whether or not they feel supported by the strategy. MLAs also want to hear about challenges relating to the NWT Arts Council, development of infrastructure to support community-based arts, sales through NWT Arts, and the marketing of arts in the territory.

Artists wanting to provide feedback can do so through written submissions, or through virtual or in-person presentations by contacting the committees. The public hearing will be held at the Legislative Assembly from 7pm on March 6.

The committees say feedback will help to inform recommendations made to the GNWT.