CAJ shortlists Cabin Radio for daily excellence in news

Cabin Radio’s coverage of Charles and Camilla’s trip to the NWT last year will be a finalist at the Canadian Association of Journalists’ annual awards in April.

Reporter Emily Blake and editor Ollie Williams jointly created Chuckwatch, which ran live text updates alongside photos and video throughout the royal visit to Yellowknife and Dettah on May 19, 2022.

Blake accompanied the royal party while Williams added context and broader updates from the newsroom.


The resulting coverage received many thousands of views and provided a Yellowknife-centric account of exactly what happened on a day when, no matter your feelings on royalty, many people stopped what they were doing to watch the future king.

Chuckwatch – a name Cabin Radio may have strategically omitted from the nomination paperwork – is shortlisted in the CAJ’s daily excellence category, which recognizes “excellence in daily, deadline-driven reporting based on same-day research.”

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This nomination is Cabin Radio’s first at the CAJ awards since it began daily coverage of NWT news in 2018.

Other nominees in the daily excellence category include Victoria’s Capital Daily, CBC News Front Burner, CBC Saskatchewan and The Narwhal.


Earlier in the week, Cabin Radio’s coverage of Tuktoyaktuk’s House of Hope was shortlisted for a Mindset award for reporting on youth mental health. The winners of both that award and the CAJ’s awards will be celebrated at a CAJ gala in Vancouver in mid-April.