Yellowknife Girl Guides in desperate need of volunteers

Last modified: April 3, 2023 at 9:07am

Yellowknife Girl Guides is experiencing such a shortage of volunteers that district commissioner Camilla Offredi fears the group may eventually have to disband.

Offredi told Cabin Radio the shortage has reached “the point where we’re closing, as far as I can tell, unless I can find volunteers in the next few days or months.”

She said the shortage, which has lasted since the pandemic began, comes despite a waitlist of girls hoping to join units.


“A lot of our longtime serving leaders got so burnt out during Covid-19 because we were trying to do stuff online with kids,” Offredi said. “I think that caused a lot of exodus, and then coming back and trying to do camps and go back to normal seems to be [a struggle] for people.”

There are seven girl guide units in Yellowknife, and all are in need of at least one volunteer this year. 

Next year, two of the units are expected to close. 

“It’s hard, and it’s struggling, and I don’t want to see another Yellowknife organization go under because we don’t have people to sustain it,” Offredi said.

“We’re losing valuable things by people not volunteering, and I don’t want to see that continue.”


At least 10 volunteers are needed, with varying time commitments. For more information, contact Yellowknife Girl Guides.