Try the Great Ptarmi Hunt in Yellowknife on Sunday

Two Ptarmis out for a morning sled
Two Ptarmis out for a morning sled. Angela Gzowski/Signed

A hundred “Ptarmi Ptoys” will be hidden around Yellowknife’s Frame Lake this Sunday as part of the Great Ptarmi Hunt, hosted by Signed YK.

The toys will be wrapped in plastic bags, with 10 of the bags having starburst stickers. These can be brought in to Signed to be traded for a larger Ptarmi toy.

The remaining 90, which have numbered stickers, can be traded in for a free pair of Ptarmi glasses at Signed.

The Great Ptarmi Hunt first happened in 2020 “to give families something fun to do during the pandemic,” the company, owned by the ptarmigan-obsessed Janet Pacey, stated in a press release this week. The hunt skipped 2021 but returned in 2022.



“We can’t guarantee we’ll always do this, but we’re happy to bring it back this year,” Signed stated.

The hunt begins at 9am on Sunday, April 9. It isn’t monitored and has no rules. More information can be found on the Signed YK Facebook page.