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‘Heroic’ trapper statue survives Enterprise wildfire

Dolphus Cadieux's trapper statue among structures damaged by a wildfire. Photo: Bruce Gudeit


As photos of the devastation caused by a wildfire in Enterprise rolled in, one image stood out as a glimmer of hope.

Among the rubble and ashes of the Winnie’s gift shop garage stands a 12-foot-tall metal trapper. He’s still there, even now.

“When we saw the images, it was all flattened and all burnt out. And then all of a sudden the trapper’s still standing there,” said artist Dolphus Cadieux.

“It’s heroic, almost, you know? Defying the odds.”



Cadieux said he began crafting the statue 15 years ago from leg-hold traps that were being disposed of through the territory’s trap exchange program. After taking a lengthy break, he picked up the project again several years ago.

“I just felt like I accomplished something. I felt really good,” he said of completing the statue.

Cadieux said he was in the process of getting estimates to sell the large art piece when Enterprise was forced to evacuate by a wildfire.

“It was pretty horrifying,” he said. “We got out of there just in the nick of time.”



Cadieux said he is one of many residents whose homes were destroyed by the fire. Blair Porter, the hamlet’s senior administrative officer, said around 80 percent of structures in the community were levelled.

“It’s a situation where you’re kind-of up and down,” Cadieux said. “It’s going to take some time to get those things processed.”

As for his sculpture, the artist said he hopes to go back to Enterprise to see if he can salvage it.

“Maybe there is some hope in there,” he said.