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Yellowknifers at Northview will pay prorated rent

Northview-owned Yellowknife apartment buildings
Northview-owned Yellowknife apartment buildings. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Yellowknife’s Northview tenants under evacuation orders due to wildfires will have their August and September rents prorated, according to a message from the rental company.

The correspondence adds that the company will not process September rent until the evacuation order is lifted, and residents who already paid for rent in August will get the prorated amount credited to their account.

Prorating rent means reducing it proportionally to match the number of days a tenant could live there in a month.

Yellowknife has been under an evacuation order since August 16, though Northview said it would prorate rent from August 18, the end of a roughly 36-hour window residents were given in which to leave.

Northview is the North’s dominant landlord. In 2021, the company was estimated to hold about 80 percent of apartment rental units in Yellowknife and Iqaluit.



Yellowknife tenants who recently received automated messages about rent payments can disregard them, according to Northview.

“In its haste to ensure the safety and well-being of Yellowknife residents and employees as they evacuated, Northview overlooked the need to disable automated electronic messages that are sent to all residents, including those in Yellowknife, when rent payments are past due prior to the evacuation,” the company stated in a message sent to tenants on Thursday.  

If you’re a tenant and need more information, Northview asks that you call 867-920-2909 or, in an emergency, call the 24-hour line at 1-844-556-6784.