Ride of Your Life: Cyclists complete Whistler-YK ride

Members of the Ride of Your Life team at a party to celebrate finishing their ride
Members of the Ride of Your Life team at a party to celebrate finishing their ride. Sara Wicks/Cabin Radio

The kick stand has been put down, helmets have been shed, and the celebrations have started.

The Ride of Your Life crew have completed their journey, by road bike, from Whistler to Yellowknife – raising money for Yellowknife’s new bike park.

On Wednesday, the city’s mountain bikers and Rotary Club hosted a party for the weary cyclists at the location, near Bristol Pit, where the new track is to be located.

Quinn Lanzon, who led the team on their 2,200-km journey, is happy to be back in Yellowknife – a place he once called home.



“It was definitely the ride of our lives. Yesterday was the hardest day I ever had on a bike,” said Lanzon.

Not all of the riders completed the full journey. Two became ill and could not bike the final kilometres.

The group had to switch routes when a wildfire played havoc with the highways in northern Alberta – instead coming up to Yellowknife via northern BC and the Dehcho.

Five of the team grew up together, while the remaining four were new to the group.



Mark Taylor went into the trip not knowing everyone, but is leaving the experience with a few more best friends.

“Getting to spend 14 hours a day literally shoulder-to-shoulder on the road together, next to someone you don’t know that well… we’re all probably best friends and lifelong friends now,” said Taylor.

The trip was documented by Graeme Meiklejohn, who hopes to compile the footage and enter his video for shows such as the upcoming Banff Mountain Film Festival.

“Because so many things happened, and interesting plot points, I need to decide if I am going to keep it as a short or maybe make it a feature,” said Meiklejohn.

The Ride of Your Life GoFundMe page will remain active until July 1.

The fundraiser has exceeded its first goal of $5,000 – the new goal is $10,000.