YK beach capacity reminder issued for long weekend

Last modified: July 30, 2020 at 2:35pm

As the long weekend approaches, the territorial government issued a reminder that Yellowknife’s Fred Henne beach is operating to a pandemic-related set capacity.

In an update to its website, the NWT government wrote: “With nice weather in the forecast, we expect Fred Henne beach will fill up during peak times.”

The current limit – 150 people over the age of 12 – will remain for the rest of the summer, the GNWT said, unless outdoor gathering restrictions ease.


If you need to leave to quickly grab something or go to the bathroom, let the attendants know and they will let you back in right away. If you are gone for a longer period of time, you will have to wait in line.

With part of the day-use area’s upper parking lot blocked off, the territory also urged people not to park on the highway.

“Blocking off the upper day-use parking area is a measure put in place to reduce the risk of overcrowding. Visitors should remember that it is unsafe and illegal to park on the highway,” said the GNWT

There will be no beach volleyball nets set up or tournaments run, and the park’s kitchen shelters will not be available for rent to discourage large crowds.

Though there is no limit to the amount of boats in Long Lake, the GNWT said trailer parking will be limited to help lower congestion at the boat launch.


There will be no notice given if the beach is at capacity.

“Because wait times and lineups are typically short, and people tend to filter in and out, it would be difficult to update the public so quickly,” the territory wrote, explaining why no advance notice would be given.

“On hot and sunny days, you should anticipate the beach will be busier and be prepared to wait a short time.”