MV Lafferty stuck in freezing Liard River

Last modified: November 3, 2020 at 4:21pm

The ferry that ordinarily transports people and vehicles across the Liard River to the Northwest Territories village of Fort Simpson is currently stuck in the ice.

The MV Lafferty was being retired to its dock for the winter season on Monday when the vessel lost power in one engine due to river ice, the territory’s Department of Infrastructure said.

A spokesperson for the territory said on Tuesday the ferry is still stuck about 200 metres from its intended resting place for the winter.


No passengers were on the ferry, which ended its scheduled service for the season on Sunday evening.

The crew remains on board. The department said crew members are safe, warm, have food and water, and have communication devices.

Crews are “in the process of securing a winch line” to move the ferry, the department added.

Heavy snow and poor visibility were delaying the vessel’s removal on Tuesday.

The territory said it is too early to know if there is any damage to the ferry.


All four ferries in the territory have now closed for the season.