Edmonton Football Team reveals seven options for new name

A screenshot from an online survey shows options for the team's new name.

Edmonton’s CFL team is looking for a new name, and it’s asking fans to help.

In an online survey launched on Monday, the franchise – currently known as the Edmonton Football Team or EE – says it’s looking to “select the most excellent name.”

The survey tasks fans with ranking seven potential names: Elk, Evergreens, Evergolds, Eclipse, Elkhounds, Eagles, and Elements.

According to the survey, those options were shortlisted from thousands of suggestions. 



In an interview with Global News, team president and chief executive Chris Presson said the survey results will be considered during the name selection process, but the final decision will rest with the team’s board. 

“I’m happy with the discussion. I’m happy with everything about the process thus far. I feel really good about coming up with a name that people can really latch onto,” Presson said. 

“I think everybody understands you have one shot to get it right.” 

In July 2020, the Edmonton Football Team – the most northern team in the league – announced it would be changing the name it had used since it was founded in 1949. This followed years of criticism from some Inuit that the previous name was derogatory and offensive. 

“The world is changing right now in every facet and we are a part of that change,” Presson said on Saturday, describing selecting a new name as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”