Church service hopes to comfort those struggling this season

Yellowknife United Church will host a “service of comfort” on Wednesday evening, offering a quiet space for anyone struggling at this time of year. 

Church member Karen Wilford said the focus of the service is less on religion and more about reaching out. “People are welcome here who don’t come to church, who don’t identify as being spiritual in any way,” she said. 

“The human condition is one that requires comfort from time to time. And this is a place where they can find it.”


Wilford said the congregation is aware that “not everyone experiences the Christmas season in the same way,” particularly given the various forms of grief the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to many people.

“This is just an opportunity for people to come together in a quiet place, listen to a bit of music, hear some poetry and some readings, and really be in a place to connect with something calm and quiet,” she said.

The service begins at 7pm in the auditorium of Yellowknife United Church at Northern United Place. Proof of vaccination is required.

Wilford said the church’s service of comfort is a tradition going back at least two decades. 

“There’s an understanding for people in the community that if you have lost someone during the course of the year, then this is a place that you can come and light a candle in remembrance,” she said. 


“We invite anyone who is just looking to get away from the stress of day-to-day to come, and all are welcome.”