Voter registration underway for Yellowknife municipal election

Last modified: July 11, 2022 at 6:36am

Enumeration cards have been mailed out ahead of the City of Yellowknife’s municipal election this fall.

The cards are used to collect the names of eligible voters in order to put together a list in advance of their arrival at the ballot boxes. Yellowknife households can expect to find cards in their mailboxes at some point this week, the city said.

Voters will be heading to their local post office rather than to the polls this fall — this election will be an entirely vote-by-mail affair. With the election scheduled for October 17, residents must complete their enumeration by September 22 in order to have a vote-by-mail ballot kit sent to their residence on time.


If their enumeration card is not filled out accurately, residents will not receive a ballot kit; however, they may still vote in person at a designated voter assistance location on the day of the election.

Residents who are eligible to vote and have moved to or within Yellowknife since the 2018 municipal election, are unsure of their school board declaration, or who wish to register to vote are asked to enumerate their household by registering online, by submitting a completed enumeration card to the City of Yellowknife, or by phone at 920-5602.

The city will also be collecting voter information on behalf of both the Yellowknife Education District No. 1 and Yellowknife Catholic Schools. Voters ust indicate their school board preference when completing their enumeration to be eligible to vote for the board of their choice on election day

Students who will be attending school outside of Yellowknife at the time of the election should use their place of residence as of October 2022 when enumerating, or appoint a proxy to cast their vote.

For more information about the election and voter eligibility, visit the city’s website.