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Cabin Radio’s nightly live video broadcast keeps you updated with everything happening in the NWT – and tries to keep you sane, too.

Life isn’t easy with a pandemic going on. There are changes every day, there’s a lot to take in, and some of the coping mechanisms we all rely on aren’t as easy to use any more.

Cabin Corner is designed to help with all of that.

Hosted from his home by Ollie Williams and produced by Sarah Pruys, the show goes live on Facebook at 7pm each weekday evening with a friendly, informal update on everything that happened during the day.

Watch each show on the Cabin Radio Facebook page. You don’t need a Facebook account to view.

You can also hear each show rebroadcast at 11pm nightly on CKHR in Hay River, followed by repeats at 8am, noon, and 5pm the following day.

We’ll keep the show on the air for as long as it’s needed. See you there and remember: stay the heck away from each other.

Past episodes

These links take you to the Facebook video page for each of our past shows.

Thursday, June 4: Colette Prevost, director of child and family services, and Tammy Roberts, executive director of the Foster Family Coalition (39 mins)
Wednesday, June 3: Sara Chorostkowski, territorial director of mental wellness and addictions recovery (31 mins)
Tuesday, June 2 (24 mins)
Monday, June 1 (22 mins)

Friday, May 29 (23 mins)
Thursday, May 28: Dr Kathy Racher, chair of the Giant Mine Oversight Board (47 mins)
Wednesday, May 27 (26 mins)
Tuesday, May 26 (25 mins)
Monday, May 25: Andrea Brown, territorial mental health and addictions manager (34 mins)
Friday, May 22 (29 mins)
Thursday, May 21 (27 mins)
Wednesday, May 20 (24 mins)
Tuesday, May 19: Karen Novak, Welders Daughter singer (23 mins)
Friday, May 15: Wren Acorn, speed skater (31 mins)
Thursday, May 14: RJ Simpson, education minister (24 mins)
Wednesday, May 13 (26 mins)
Tuesday, May 12: Dr Kami Kandola and Diane Thom, health minister (43 mins)
Monday, May 11 (25 mins)
Friday, May 8 (26 mins)
Thursday, May 7 (22 mins)
Wednesday, May 6 (18 mins)
Tuesday, May 5 (26 mins)
Monday, May 4 (31 mins)
Friday, May 1 (30 mins)

Thursday, April 30: Ryan Fequet, Yellowknife Day Care Association (27 mins)
Wednesday, April 29 (24 mins)
Tuesday, April 28 (28 mins)
Monday, April 27 (27 mins)
Friday, April 24: Shane Thompson, minister responsible for the power corporation (34 mins)
Thursday, April 23: Katrina Nokleby, minister of industry, tourism, and investment (36 mins)
Wednesday, April 22: Caroline Wawzonek, minister of finance (39 mins)
Tuesday, April 21: Premier Caroline Cochrane (37 mins)
Monday, April 20: Rylund Johnson, MLA for Yellowknife North (33 mins)
Sunday, April 19 (25 mins)
Friday, April 17 (25 mins)
Thursday, April 16: Caroline Wawzonek, minister of finance (37 mins)
Wednesday, April 15 (32 mins)
Tuesday, April 14: Premier Caroline Cochrane (37 mins)
Friday, April 10 (37 mins)
Thursday, April 9: Conrad Baetz, head of enforcement task force (44 mins)
Wednesday, April 8 (26 mins)
Tuesday, April 7: Premier Caroline Cochrane (40 mins)
Monday, April 6 (32 mins)
Sunday, April 5 (34 mins)
Friday, April 3: Caroline Wawzonek, minister of finance (32 mins)
Thursday, April 2 (33 mins)
Special edition: NWT cases three and four (16 mins)
Wednesday, April 1 (30 mins)

Tuesday, March 31 (32 mins)
Monday, March 30 (26 mins)
Sunday, March 29 (40 mins)
Friday, March 27 (29 mins, new on-set banner!)
Thursday, March 26 (36 mins)
Wednesday, March 25 (41 mins)
Tuesday, March 24 (38 mins)
Monday, March 23 (49 mins, new opening titles!)
Sunday, March 22 (43 mins)
Saturday, March 21 (48 mins)
Special edition: NWT first confirmed case (44 mins)
Special edition: NWT borders close (38 mins)
Friday, March 20 (39 mins)
Thursday, March 19 (34 mins)
Wednesday, March 18 (38 mins)
Tuesday, March 17 (21 mins)
Monday, March 16 (27 mins)