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Cabin Radio is a growing, independent northern broadcaster, entirely owned and operated in Yellowknife, NWT. Our small team produces high-quality journalism and authentically northern audio and video entertainment.

On this page, we advertise available positions at the company.

Scroll down for our vacancies: we’re currently hiring a climate science reporter.

First, a little about us.

We welcome applications from all candidates with appropriate qualifications, regardless of their background or circumstances. Cabin Radio’s recruitment is governed by our hiring policy and human resources policy, which set out our commitment to fair and equitable hiring.

Note that we also welcome applications from candidates in northern communities who have not had access to the education and training opportunities necessary to secure appropriate professional qualifications. These applications will be considered on their own merits. Candidates without recognized qualifications should set out efforts they have made to develop relevant skills.

Cabin Radio strives to offer a supportive and welcoming work environment. Our priority is ensuring the mental and physical well-being of our staff.

We take pride in the service we provide for Northwest Territories residents and we expect our employees to work hard; in return, our employees should expect us to support them, offer regular opportunities for meaningful training and development, and take reasonable steps to accommodate their needs as individuals.

We’re an exciting and innovative place to work. We look forward to your application.

Current vacancies:

Reporter – Wilfrid Laurier University Climate Change Journalism Fellowship

Cabin Radio is accepting applications for the Wilfrid Laurier University Climate Change Journalism Fellowship.

The successful candidate will join Cabin Radio’s newsroom as a reporter dedicated to one of the most important beats in the North: climate science. 

Filing primarily written material but with opportunities for audio and video reporting, you will produce comprehensive, compelling and easily understood journalism that sets out the climate crisis facing northern Canada. It’s your job to illuminate the challenges, explore attempts at mitigation, track shifts in government policy and tell the stories of those most affected.

You will be responsible for climate science newsgathering across the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut, territories where the climate is changing at three times the rate experienced elsewhere in the world. Your work will help northerners and the rest of the planet understand that change, the science behind it, and the efforts of the North’s Indigenous peoples through programs like Indigenous Guardians and other community-led responses. Your journalism will be distributed via Creative Commons licence for all other news outlets to reproduce.

This position comes with a travel budget to help you reach some of the communities most affected by climate change. You will work with our editor to manage that budget and develop an efficient, effective and environmentally responsible approach that ensures you are on the ground for the stories that most matter.

Important information about the position

  • Term: 18 months
  • Location: Yellowknife
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Benefits: Medical and dental benefits plus four weeks’ annual vacation and all stat holidays
  • Funding: This position is fully funded by Wilfrid Laurier University through Cabin Radio. The university retains no editorial control and you will work to Cabin Radio’s editor

Requirements for this position

  • Exceptional writing ability and communication skills
  • Ability to handle both rapid-turnaround breaking news and longform reporting
  • Thorough understanding of basic climate science and climate change principles
  • Comfort in translating complex scientific studies or concepts into plain English for non-expert readers

Skills and qualifications considered assets for this position

  • Lived experience of northern Canada, its communities and its peoples
  • An understanding of data journalism and data presentation
  • Photography and videography skills

About Cabin Radio

We are an independent newsroom formed in 2017 to serve the Northwest Territories and since recognized nationally and regionally for our contribution to original northern journalism. You will be joining a small team of reporters based in downtown Yellowknife, one of the world’s most exciting and welcoming cities, on Chief Drygeese Territory. 

This position, first advertised on July 27, 2022, is open until filled – apply as soon as you are able. Applications received by 11pm MT on August 7 will receive a response by August 12. To apply, email Ollie Williams, our editor, with the following:

  • Your résumé and a cover letter explaining your interest in and suitability for the position
  • Three examples of your published work to date (written, audio, video or otherwise)
  • Three northern climate science story pitches that you would want to pursue in this role
  • Two references

If you have any questions about this position or Cabin Radio, feel free to contact us ahead of submitting an application.