Here are the candidates running for Yellowknife mayor and council

Yellowknife's City Hall
Yellowknife's City Hall. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Meet your choices in Yellowknife’s October 2022 municipal election. You can expect to receive your ballot packages through the mail in early October.

Nominations closed at 3pm on Monday. Shortly afterward, the City of Yellowknife said one person ran for mayor – Rebecca Alty, who will be acclaimed to a second term – and 16 are seeking seats on council.

The list of candidates is at the foot of this article.

Almost all of the candidates are male. Shauna Morgan and Cynthia Mufandaedza are each stepping down, as are Niels Konge, Julian Morse and Robin Williams.



Steve Payne, Rommel Silverio and Stacie Smith are running for re-election.

Yellowknife does not have wards or any other way of dividing up its councillors. Instead, eight councillors and a mayor are all elected to serve the city as a whole. When you vote, simply pick the ones you like the most – location is not a factor.

The mayor is the only one who takes on the role full-time, with an office at City Hall. Councillors receive payments for their time but ordinarily hold their regular day jobs at the same time as serving on council.

Nominees for YK1 and Yellowknife Catholic Schools trustee positions have also been published. There are seven candidates for seven YK1 positions, suggesting all will be acclaimed if there are no withdrawals. The YCS nomination period has been extended to September 26 as only five names were put forward for the district’s seven positions.



Near the end of September, Cabin Radio will publish interviews with as many candidates as we are able to reach in that time, setting out their positions on a range of topics that have recently made the news or look critical to the city’s future. You’ll be able to use those interviews to readily compare and contrast candidates’ positions on key issues, and get a sense of who they are as people and what kind of councillor they’d be.

Polling day is October 17. You can vote in person on that day, though the city is encouraging residents to vote by mail ahead of time.

For more details about voting, visit the city’s website.

Candidates for mayor

Rebecca Alty

Candidates for council

  • Garett Cochrane
  • Ryan Fequet
  • Rob Foote
  • John Fredericks
  • Ben Hendriksen
  • Devon Hodder
  • Beaton MacKenzie
  • Mike Martin
  • Cat McGurk
  • Tom McLennan
  • Stewart Pallard
  • Steve Payne
  • Rommel Silverio
  • Dwayne Simmons
  • Stacie Smith
  • Rob Warburton

Update: September 19, 2022 – 17:16 MT. The City of Yellowknife initially published a list of 15 council candidates but, after this article was first published, added a 16th (Devon Hodder). The list has been updated.