Air Canada ‘temporarily suspending’ YK flights to Calgary, Edmonton

Air Canada has quietly made a significant change to its daily Yellowknife flight schedule that means non-stop flights to Calgary and Edmonton will soon disappear.

Over the past week, passengers booked on forthcoming flights involving Yellowknife and either Edmonton or Calgary received notices that they will be re-routed through Vancouver.

Approached for comment by Cabin Radio, Air Canada said the change would not be permanent but did not state when passengers can expect flights to resume.


“Non-stop flights will be temporarily suspended from Yellowknife to Edmonton starting October 1 and to Calgary starting November 1,” an Air Canada representative wrote in an email to Cabin Radio.

“Affected passengers are being offered travel options including rebooking over YVR.”

The airline gave no clear reason for the shift.

“We made some seasonal adjustments to our fall and winter schedule to bring more resiliency into the overall winter and summer 2023 schedule,” the representative stated.

“Air Canada continues to operate daily flights from Yellowknife to Vancouver.”