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Get ready for Circular Economy Monday. It’s Waste Reduction Week.

A discarded can of Palm Bay lies frozen on the shore of Madeline Lake in October 2020
A discarded can of Palm Bay lies frozen on the shore of Madeline Lake in October 2020. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio


A week of initiatives designed to promote waste reduction in the Northwest Territories starts on Sunday, October 17.

Across Canada, the organizers of Waste Reduction Week have tried this year to extend their activities across the entirety of October, calling it Circular Economy Month.

A circular economy, at its simplest, means keeping materials alive for longer by recycling, sharing or repairing them, rather than consigning them to the trash.



In the NWT, the territorial government said October 17 will serve as Circular Economy Monday. It’ll be followed by Textiles Tuesday, E-Waste Wednesday, Plastics Thursday and Food Waste Friday.

There’s also a Sharing Economy Saturday and Swap & Repair Sunday.

So, what’s actually happening on each of these days? Ecology North, the northern non-profit helping to oversee Waste Reduction Week events, has a guide on its website.

The in-person activities are focused on Yellowknife.

You can win prizes by bringing reusable containers to Birchwood Coffee Kǫ̀, Javaroma, A&W, Barren Ground Coffee or Sundog Trading Post.

There are also worm composting, beeswax wrapping and home laundry detergent creation workshops at Yellowknife’s public library on Saturday, October 22.