Fort Good Hope man arrested after cocaine found amid Timbits

A man from Fort Good Hope was arrested after police suggested cocaine had been found amid Timbits being flown into the community from Yellowknife.

In a news release on Thursday, police said officers in Fort Good Hope “initiated an investigation after receiving information that a person was possibly shipping a controlled substance into the community via a flight to Fort Good Hope from Yellowknife.”

Attached to the news release was a photo showing two small packages next to an open box of Timbits, sitting in front of the Fort Good Hope detachment’s banner.


While the news release did not specifically identify the substance as cocaine, the Word document containing the news release was entitled “FGH Timbit Cocaine.”

RCMP said a man from the community had been arrested for possession of a controlled substance. He has not been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

Implying the man may have claimed he did not know the drugs were there, RCMP also instructed people “to be vigilant when taking packages for other people, even people you may know, as you are responsible for everything in your possession when travelling.”

The news release continued: “If you do agree to take a parcel for someone, be sure to check that it is what you were told it was, as you could be charged for anything illegal that might be hidden inside.”

If you have any information that may help the investigation or are missing some Timbits, contact the Fort Good Hope detachment on 867-598-1111 or use Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1-800-222-8477.