What do you think about the NWT’s liquor stores?

The liquor store in Norman Wells. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

Is your liquor store clean enough? How friendly is it? What do you wish you could buy there that you can’t already?

These are some of the questions among nearly 50 being posed by the NWT Liquor and Cannabis Commission in an online survey launched this week.

The survey asks residents to rate store cleanliness and layout, whether stores and their staff are friendly to customers or otherwise, and what they think about messaging provided around social responsibility and the safe consumption of alcohol.

There’s also a section asking about your experience if you have used mail-order service for liquor in the NWT, alongside a section that looks at what kinds of beer, wines and spirits you buy – and how much you are prepared to pay for them.



In all, there are 47 different questions on the survey plus a few extra questions that appear if you answer some questions a certain way.

The survey runs until February 28, 2023. The liquor commission said the results will help it “improve the overall customer experience in NWT liquor stores.”