IRC confirms purchase of Inuvik’s Mackenzie Hotel

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation has taken possession of Inuvik’s Mackenzie Hotel and expects to soon reopen its restaurant.

In a statement on its website, the IRC’s Inuvialuit Corporate Group said the hotel changed hands on December 16 as “part of a larger strategy of investment, growth, and reinvigoration of Inuvialuit communities.”

The hotel’s restaurant and lounge closed at the end of August, further limiting dining options in a town where choices were already hard to come by.


The IRC said it has “plans to open the restaurant in the spring” and is hiring an executive chef and other cooks.

“The goal is to provide employment opportunities for Inuvialuit beneficiaries and residents and to provide a family-friendly establishment that can be enjoyed by all,” a news release read.

IRC chair Duane Smith was quoted as saying: “Sharing meals, country food, and time with family and friends is a key part of health and mental health in our communities.  Our goal with this hotel and restaurant to is to ensure people have places to gather, laugh, celebrate and spread joy across our region.”