Electric bike, snowmobile and ATV rebates begin on Saturday

NWT residents can apply for new rebates from Saturday when they buy e-bikes or electric snowmobiles, ATVs and boat motors.

The Arctic Energy Alliance says the new rebates begin on April 1 and join existing rebates available for electric passenger vehicles and home charging stations.

Anyone in the NWT who buys an e-bike can claim 50 percent of the cost up to $750. The rebate for on-the-land vehicles is 50 percent of the cost up to $2,500.


Meanwhile, the electric car rebate goes up from Saturday to $7,500, having previously been $5,000, and more vehicles are now eligible. You have to be living in a community powered by hydro to claim that rebate, but rebates for e-bikes and on-the-land vehicles are available anywhere in the NWT.

Arctic Energy Alliance executive director Mark Heyck called e-bikes “an excellent option for commuting, especially in smaller communities” in a press release.

“The e-bike market is growing fast, so there are so many options out there for people,” Heyck was quoted as saying.

“There are fewer options for electric on-the-land vehicles right now and they still aren’t right for everyone. But going out on the land is a part of the way of life for many northerners, and we want to get people thinking about these vehicles.”

Find out more about the rebates on the Arctic Energy Alliance’s website.