Flora and the Fireweeds release debut album online

Yellowknife’s Flora and the Fireweeds have released their debut seven-track album, Green Wood, through online music platform Bandcamp.

The album appears on the group’s Bandcamp page alongside eight postcards by Yellowknife-born artist Julia Christensen that draw inspiration from Green Wood’s tracks.

“We wanted to give people the option to purchase something that wasn’t rapidly becoming obsolete, as we felt a physical CD or USB drive wasn’t the right solution,” lead singer and songwriter Brie O’Keefe was quoted as saying in a press release.


“I had already asked Julia to do the cover, but then I thought about widening the vision – so I asked her to make a collage for each song, and the idea for a postcard set was born from there.”

Listen to Green Wood, the single from the album of the same name.

Green Wood, co-produced by Carmen Braden and David Dowe, will appear on other streaming platforms from the start of June.

The band characterize their sound as “sweet yet melancholy harmonies and a whimsical folk style that points out the absurdities of life.”

Braden said the album delivers “funky bass lines, real-life lyrics shaded in poetry, toe-tapping grooves” and beautifully blended harmonies.

She called Green Wood “the perfect soundtrack to spring.”


Christensen’s postcard collages will appear at the Art Gallery of the NWT trailer during this year’s Ramble and Ride festival in August.

Use the Bandcamp audio player below to listen to tracks from the album.