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Avens and Union of Northern Workers enter conciliation

Avens workers are seen in a photo published to Twitter by the Public Service Alliance of Canada
Avens workers are seen in a photo published to Twitter by the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The Union of Northern Workers says it has entered conciliation with Avens, the Yellowknife-based provider of services and accommodation for seniors.

The union says conciliation – when a third party helps two sides reach a deal – will take place on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

“You are sending a clear message to your employer that you continue to support your bargaining team and will not settle for a deal that isn’t fair for all workers at Avens,” read an update posted to the UNW’s website that was attributed to president Gayla Thunstrom and Public Service Alliance of Canada regional representative Lorraine Rousseau.

“The team has heard you and they are committed to bring you a deal that recognizes the physical and mental demands of your job,” the update continued.



“Our next step is to talk to the families and the citizens of Yellowknife, asking them to provide their support to you. In the meantime, more mobilization activities, including more strike training sessions, are being planned.”

The proposals currently on the table from Avens and the union have not been made public. Avens employs approximately 130 workers.

“The union, its bargaining unit and Avens reached a signed deal in October 2022,” Avens chief executive Daryl Dolynny told Cabin Rado by email.

“Unfortunately, the union and its bargaining unit could not achieve a ratified vote position with its members. This has now transferred to a conciliatory process occurring this week.

“Avens has always upheld a position of ‘good faith’ bargaining and will continue to do so through this process.”