Choirs will ‘show their faces again’ at NACC on Saturday

Yellowknife’s Aurora Chorealis and Fireweed Children’s Chorus jointly stage their spring concert, Rhythm & Rhyme, on Saturday at NACC.

In a press release, the choirs said the performance would mark the first time in three years that “singers in both the adult and children’s choirs will be performing without face masks.”

Pandemic-related restrictions had previously required masks during both practice and performance.


“We are thrilled to be able to hear each other (and ourselves) properly once again and look forward to showing our audiences our smiling faces,” the press release stated.

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Rhythm & Rhyme is billed as a mix of music “across the ages and from around the world.” Shows take place at 2:30pm and 7:30pm on Saturday with tickets available from NACC’s website.