Inuvik’s swimming pool is rubbing off on the town’s residents

Inuvik's swimming pool is pictured in June 2019
Inuvik's swimming pool is pictured in June 2019. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

When Inuvik’s pool reopened last month after a three-year closure, the town always knew residents would become attached to the facility.

The municipality did not, however, account for the facility becoming attached to residents.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the Town of Inuvik warned swimmers that sealant used in the pool is sticking to people when they lean against it.

The sealant is used on the seams of the pool’s walls, holding together different panels that combine to make up the pool structure.



“This sealant has shown to transfer to the swimsuits of some swimmers who have rubbed up against some of the panels,” the town stated.

The town says this can be fixed, but the pool will need to be empty for that to happen. Rather than shut the whole thing down again just a month after reopening, the town says the fix can wait till a routine maintenance shutdown in September.

In the meantime, Wednesday’s announcement stated, “we are obtaining a product to cover the current sealant.”

The town added: “We encourage swimmers to try to avoid leaning or rubbing up against the pool wall seams.”

Wednesday’s statement did report one piece of good news: the sauna and steam room, which did not open last month when the pool did, are now available for use.

The pool had been closed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial closure was drastically prolonged by difficulties carrying out a major overhaul of the facility.