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Yellowknife youth and young immigrants invited to Fred Henne event

Yellowknife's Fred Henne beach in July 2020
Yellowknife's Fred Henne beach in July 2020. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

CDÉTNO is hosting an event to ensure that immigrant youth living in Yellowknife are able to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

The non-profit organization is organizing an outdoor day at the city’s Fred Henne Park.

There will be a picnic lunch, hiking, as well as a barbecue in the evening. Registration closes on Sunday, June 4.

While the focus of the event is on immigrant children and youth living in Yellowknife, non-immigrant attendees are more than welcome, said Caroline Fotsin, CDÉTNO’s youth entrepreneurship coordinator,

Audréane Bertrand-Danjou is a settlement worker in Yellowknife schools who works with CDÉTNO.



She told Cabin Radio the purpose of the event is to help newcomers to the territory learn to take full advantage of what the great outdoors has to offer.

While the event is not an overnight activity, she hopes new Canadians can learn how to have fun camping.

“It’s really about having youth be … engaged in being active members of the Yellowknife community,” said Bertrand-Danjou. “And since being outdoors is such a big part of life in Yellowknife, we felt like it was a great way to achieve that.”

Last year, CDÉTNO hosted a free two-night camping trip for Yellowknife youth at Lady Evelyn Falls, said Fotsin.



However, not many campers attended due to the distance and the short notice announcement of the event, she said.

Since this year’s event will be near Yellowknife and not overnight, Fotsin says the group is able to include parents as well.

Anyone interested in attending can register online. While the event is being hosted by CDÉTNO, a Francophone organization, both francophones and anglophones are welcome to attend, Bertrand-Danjou said.