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NWT’s new student financial assistance rules kick in

2020 graduates from Ecole Allain St-Cyr pose with the school's mascot. Emily Blake/Cabin Radio

Changes to student financial assistance in the Northwest Territories have taken effect after a brief feedback period passed without alteration.

A “Have Your Say” feedback page on the changes was publicized in late May. On Monday, the territory said there were “no changes as a result from the feedback we received on the proposed regulations.”

Funding available for tuition through the basic grant now increases from $2,400 to $2,655 per semester, while funding for books increases from $550 to $700 per semester.

For Indigenous students, available funding increases from $2,400 to $3,320 per semester and funding for books increases from $550 to $875 per semester.

Students now receive the full allowance for books, even if their book costs don’t amount to the allowance for which they’re eligible.



There are increases for the supplementary grant (for northern Indigenous students) and remissible loan programs. Applicants to both are no longer limited to a number of semesters in which they can access funding, though loan applicants still need to remain within the $60,000 limit.

Eligibility for the loan is no longer judged on whether the student was schooled in the Northwest Territories.

Suspension penalties are revoked if students withdraw from or fail a course or program. Students are still expected to repay any benefits received for which they weren’t eligible.

Applications for the fall semester are due by June 30. More information is available on the NWT government’s website.