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Jean Marie River chief steps down after non-confidence vote

The band office of Jean Marie River. Caitrin Pilkington/Cabin Radio

Tthets’éhk’edélî First Nation Chief Nolene Hardisty has stepped down at the request of the Nation’s council in Jean Marie River.

Hardisty was elected in 2021.

According to council member Stanley Sanguez, council met with Chief Hardisty last September and outlined a number of conditions required for her to remain in leadership. According to Sanguez, those conditions weren’t met to the council’s standard.

“I couldn’t defend her, and the council voted to release her of her duty,” said Sanguez.

Senior administrator Tom Matus confirmed the vote was held on May 18.



Both Sanguez and Matus declined to comment on the reasons for her removal.

“It’s a personnel matter,” said Matus. “I can’t really comment any further on that.”

Carla Norwegian and Ariel Sanguez have been selected to act as interim chiefs until an election can be held at Jean Marie River’s annual general meeting on July 28.

Both interim chiefs declined to comment for this report. Hardisty could not be reached.