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EntrepreNorth launches second season of Venture Out podcast

Xina Cowan in seen in a photo posted to the EntrepreNorth website.
Xina Cowan in seen in a photo posted to the EntrepreNorth website.

Northern Indigenous entrepreneurs return to the spotlight in the second season of a podcast that explores how they bring together business, community and innovation.

Venture Out is hosted and produced by Xina Cowan, a co-director of EntrepreNorth, a project that provides programming to help the North’s Indigenous and community entrepreneurs.

The podcast’s second season is a 10-part series, each featuring an entrepreneur from the Northwest Territories, Yukon or Nunavut.

“Each episode will feature in-depth conversations that reveal the highs and lows of operating a venture in the North,” a press release for the show states, “and the unique perspectives, strategies, and cultural teachings that have shaped the entrepreneurs’ way of offering products and services that resonate with their customers and communities.”

Guests for season two will include, among others:



Season two launches on National Indigenous Peoples Day via EntrepreNorth’s website, where you can also listen to seven full-length episodes from season one.

“Northern Indigenous entrepreneurs are innovating solutions, they are driving new narratives, and they are at the helm of economic reconciliation,” Cowan was quoted as saying.

“Venture Out is a celebration of their ingenuity, and it’s an invitation for listeners to open their minds and feel inspired.”