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NWT fire map: latest burn areas and hot-spots


This map uses satellite hot-spots, existing burn area and even the North Slave fibre line’s location to show you the geography of fires affecting the NWT.

The map was created by an NWT resident, Anthony Castillo, who shared it with Cabin Radio. (Note that the map may take a little time to load in the space above.)

Fire information should update automatically. This is a new product and should be considered experimental, so don’t make critical life decisions based on the information you see. Always check with the relevant authorities before travelling, for example.

Here’s what you’re looking at:



Orange circles: Satellite-detected hot-spots or fire activity. The larger the circles, the stronger the heat signature. (Note that heat signatures can occasionally be false positives. It’s not as simple as saying “that’s where the fire is,” but it’s a rough approximation.)

Faded orange area with black border: Fire perimeter when it was last mapped.

Red lines: All-season roads like the highway leading from Fort Providence to Yellowknife via Behchokǫ̀.

Purple line: You may need to zoom right in to see this: it’s the path the fibre line takes. For the most part, it tightly hugs the line taken by Highway 3, so it’s right next to the red line.

Grey and blue lines: Winter roads or other types of road.