Welders walk away from Inuvik explosion unharmed

Last modified: March 13, 2019 at 4:51pm

On Tuesday afternoon in Inuvik, two people were welding a fuel tank when it exploded, but they both walked away without a scratch.

The accident happened around 1:15pm in an industrial building owned by Bob’s Welding.

“It’s still under investigation so we don’t 100 percent know the source of the explosion at this point,” said Shyla Traer, a spokesperson for the welding company.


She explained the two employees were welding a fuel tank berm close to the back wall of the building when it exploded.

The employees went to the hospital, where they were checked over and cleared to work.

Trader said this is the first time the business has had an accident like this.

Cynthia Hammond, Inuvik’s director of protective services, said the fire department started receiving calls at 1:21pm.

“Upon arrival, significant structural damage to the rear and sides of the building were observed,” she said.


The building has been secured and the fire department is waiting for a structural engineer to confirm it is safe to enter so crews can finish their investigation.

Inuvik RCMP said they did not find any evidence of criminality. The investigation has been passed on to the Worker’s Safety and Compensation Commission.