Yellowknife crews to help battle Hay River landfill fire

An aerial photo of the Hay River landfill fire on March 11, 2019. Town of Hay River/Facebook
An aerial photo of the Hay River landfill fire on March 11, 2019. Photo: Town of Hay River

As Hay River’s landfill fire continues to burn, an air quality warning remains in effect.

A joint statement published on Wednesday by Environment Canada and the territorial government said winds were expected to change overnight “to a light easterly direction before increasing in speed from the southeast by Thursday afternoon.”

By Friday morning the wind is forecast be south to southwesterly, which could cause smoke to impact the town and neighbouring Kátł’odeeche First Nation.

On Tuesday, the Town said firefighting efforts remained ongoing.



Hay River and Fort Smith firefighters currently on the scene can expect some relief thanks to a Yellowknife crew coming to assist on the weekend.

Meanwhile, air quality equipment has been put in place and the Town is working with Department of Environment and Natural Resources to monitor water.

“Most of the water being used is becoming steam and there is limited pooling of water,” said a statement published on March 12.

“Pumps are now in place at Porritt Landing to supply water trucks, reducing demand on domestic water services.”

The Town also stated on Facebook a “tire removal plan” has been developed to ensure the tires at the dump do not catch fire, although the risk of this happening was low as of March 11.