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Hay River to host 2023 national table tennis championships

The Northwest Territories sent a table tennis team to this year's Canada Games. Sarah Pruys/Team NT
The Northwest Territories sent a table tennis team to this year's Canada Games. Sarah Pruys/Team NT

Canada’s national table tennis championships will come to Hay River in September 2023.

Table Tennis North said the event, bringing together the nation’s top players, will be held in the town from September 22 to 24 with a table tennis festival taking place in Hay River a week earlier.

“This event is not just about hosting a series of table tennis matches, but also about fostering unity, promoting sportsmanship, and providing a platform for young people to showcase their skills on and off the table,” Table Tennis North stated in a press release.

“The festival will feature a variety of sports, including northern and Dene games, offering a unique blend of modern and Indigenous culture.”

A clinic for coaches and officials will be held from September 18 to 20.



Rarely are national-level sports events held in the Northwest Territories. In the case of table tennis, the sport’s national championships were held in Mississauga in 2022 and Laval in 2021, with a combined population of 1.3 million. Hay River has 3,800 residents.

“Table Tennis Canada is very excited to have its national championships in Hay River,” Table Tennis Canada president Adham Sharara was quoted as saying, calling the event “an opportunity for our players, coaches, and officials to discover the Canadian North while competing for national titles.”

“Size is not a limitation when it comes to showcasing our capabilities. The legacy left behind with equipment staying in the Territories, and training for officials and coaches, demonstrates our ability to achieve greatness through strong partnerships,” stated Marny Twigge, a Hay River resident who serves as vice-president of Table Tennis North.

“With the right resources and support, we can overcome any obstacle and leave a lasting impact on our communities.”