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Canadian Red Cross canvasses for wildfire evacuees in Yellowknife

A file photo of a Red Cross volunteer wearing an official vest. Photo: Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross says volunteers heading door to door in Yellowknife are legitimate fundraisers seeking to raise money on behalf of wildfire evacuees.

Cabin Radio contacted the charity’s national office after receiving multiple concerned emails from Yellowknife residents unsure if the people appearing at their door were the real deal.

“We do acknowledge there are bad actors out there,” said Jamie Hofing, a spokesperson for the Canadian Red Cross, in a statement by email that confirmed: “Yes, we are canvassing door to door in NWT.”

Hofing said Canadian Red Cross fundraisers can be identified through prominently displayed name tags and knowledge of Canadian Red Cross programs.

Fundraisers will often also wear a vest, coat or golf shirt with the Red Cross logo, and will carry material on Canadian Red Cross programs, Hofing stated. In some parts of the country, fundraisers use iPads to collect information electronically.



“People are encouraged to call the local police or the Red Cross if they are approached for donations by someone claiming to be from the Red Cross,” said Hofing.