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Attempted murder charge laid after Fort Smith police raids

A file photo of an RCMP vehicle.
A file photo of an RCMP vehicle. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

Fort Smith RCMP have charged a 19-year-old with attempted murder after homes in the town were searched on Thursday night.

The charge against Christian Gordon is related to a report in late September of two men found seriously injured in the town, but unable to explain how their injuries came about.

One of those men required a medevac to Edmonton for treatment of injuries to his face, RCMP previously said, while the other was treated in Fort Smith.

Police said a two-week investigation into what happened led them to search a home on Thursday evening. Ultimately, two homes were raided after “evidence relating to drug trafficking at another residence” was recovered in the first one.

The outcome, RCMP said in response to an inquiry from Cabin Radio about Thursday’s raids, was the arrest of Gordon. He is charged with the attempted murder of one man, one count of aggravated assault against the second man, and one count of robbery.



The charges have yet to be tested in court.

An investigation into drug trafficking connected to Thursday’s searches is ongoing with no charges so far laid, RCMP said.