Yellowknife’s 2019 food truck map is here!


Be still, your beating stomach. The draw has been made. Here’s where Yellowknife’s food trucks will be for summer 2019.

The draw had five – five! – entrants, comprehensively dispelling our earlier fear that this could be a bleak summer for downtown food trucks.


See the foot of this article for a map.

Newcomers include Booster Juice and Fish on the Bay, while chef Robin Wasicuna returns to the food truck scene with an offering entitled Chingon Tacos according to the City of Yellowknife.

Saffron and One of a Thai are returning from summer 2018. (Murray Jones of Murray’s Curbside Treats’n Eats retired from food trucking ahead of this season.)

Food trucks are assigned locations according to a lottery held at City Hall.

That draw took place on Wednesday afternoon.


Fish on the Bay, the first name drawn, chose a location outside the Greenstone Building.

Chingon Tacos, second, opted for a spot outside IceBlink.

Booster Juice, third, wisely selected a space outside Cabin Radio, thereby ensuring a summer of Mango Hurricanes getting spilt on all the equipment and driving the head of programming insane.

One of a Thai, drawn fourth, will be a few blocks across in the slot next to the First Nations Bank of Canada.


Saffron, last to select, will be based next to the Post Office.

“As soon as the vendors have their vending agreement submitted and signed, they can begin selling from their allocated locations,” said the City, effectively declaring food truck season open.

Thanks to all of Yellowknife’s dedicated food truck teams for your wonderful work, and to the residents of YK: enjoy.