Convicted sex offender Tsetta to appeal 9.5-year sentence

A man who received 9.5 years in prison in NWT Supreme Court on Monday plans to appeal both his sentence and his convictions for rape and forcible confinement.

Peter Tsetta received the sentence for two incidents of rape in Ndilo, which happened within a month of each other in the summer of 2017.

Despite Tsetta being found guilty on two counts of sexual assault and one of sexual confinement, his lawyer, Evan McIntyre confirmed his client plans to appeal. Who will handle the appeal on behalf of Tsetta is still to be decided, McIntyre stated in an email to Cabin Radio.


In her decision on Monday, Chief Justice Louise Charbonneau noted both assaults involved women who went to Tsetta’s home to drink and socialize. Both were unconscious and unable to consent when the assaults began.

During the trial, Tsetta denied the crimes of which he is now convicted. McIntyre had called for him to be acquitted of all charges.

Cynthia Grandjambe is one of the women Tsetta was convicted of sexually assaulting and confining against her will. While sexual assault survivors are granted anonymity by the courts, Grandjambe said she went public to “break the silence” around sexual violence.

She told Cabin Radio on Tuesday morning that she was not worried about the appeal, stating: “He can appeal all he wants, [I’ve] got the evidence against him.”

Grandjambe added she plans to file a civil suit against Tsetta.


Charbonneau said Tsetta presents a “very real danger” to the safety of the community. The sexual assaults of which he was convicted occurred while he was out on bail for other charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement allegedly committed in March 2017. The charges related to that assault have since been stayed.

The identity of the second woman Tsetta was found guilty of assaulting is still protected by a publication ban. In an October victim impact statement, that woman’s former partner told the court he feared the release of Tsetta.

“I’m concerned about what the future holds for this community when [Tsetta] is released,” the man told the court.

With time served, Tsetta now has just under six years left to serve. He must also comply with a 10-year firearms prohibition and will remain on the national sex offender registry for life.